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We hope this website conveys the exciting ways that God is using Music and Movement to inspire a new love for praise, prayer and reflection, among Catholic students and teachers.

We are doing Spiritual Formation and Religious Education in a very different world than most of us grew up in.

We will reach EVERY student, only if we engage the Mind, Heart, Emotions, Will and yes… our Bodies! Music touches us and stays with us in those deeper places, beyond where facts & figures live! Movement implants information in parts of the brain, accessible only with motor-activity. This is Kinesthetic Learning at it’s best!

With a Music degree from Northwestern University and 25 years of Parish and Youth Ministry experience, Rich Rubietta has been reinforcing the educational objectives of Catholic Schools across the United States, since 1999.

During a question and answer time at St. Edward Catholic School in Rockford, a student once asked Rich why he does Assemblies at Catholic Schools. Without thinking about it, the Spirit inspired him to say, “Because we get to sing about our faith and things that matter. And it’s SO FUN to praise God from head to toe!”

Rich loves combining kinesthetic learning, with spiritual formation. It’s like PE and Prayer together! But, he likes to think of himself as a Cantor and Cheerleader versus a Performer.

Q: How can Prayer possibly be fun?

A: Prayer is fun, when it’s Prayer, from Head-to-Toe!

Q: Can a Song shape Character and create Community?

A: The Holy Spirit can use Music and Movement to dissolve barriers between students, while helping us “hide God’s Word in our hearts!” (Ps. 119: 9-11)

Q Can spiritual formation be engaging and exciting?

A: Combining Music, Multi-Media and kinesthetic learning makes religious education fun and playful!

Our hope is that this Music will ignite a life-long love for prayer among Catholic students, staff and families!

Principals and Religious Education Directors have been engaging Rich’s services since 1999.

 Celebrations offer the following:

  1. Prayer experiences that are Fun and Physical
  2. Community-building
  3. Music with memorable melodies and transformative messages

Many Teachers study these Songs in class, as mini-lessons. When Pastor Rich visits, he can literally stop singing sometimes, as students take the lead!

Spiritual Formation + Fun fuels Evangelism!

Thank you!

Rich Rubietta
[email protected]
847. 292. 1418

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