Building Community – with Prayer and Praise from Head to Toe!

K-8 Prayer Celebrations (or PK-4 and 5th-8th grades).

Assemblies are one hour long and introduce K-8 students to a way of Prayer, that joyfully engages the whole person: head, heart, hands and feet!

Rich Rubietta infuses music of the Church with irresistible fun and performs original, interactive songs about heroes and heroines who inspire us to live our faith.

With high-energy group choreography, Pastor Rich harnesses the appeal of pop music for God’s people, creating art with a socially responsible message that builds self-esteem and a strong sense of community.

Sample Song List:

They’ll Know We Are Christians by our Love- J. Scholtes
I Will Magnify- Michael O’Shields
Awesome God- Rich Mullins
In the Name (of the Father, Son & the Holy Spirit) – original
Lord of the Dance- Sydney Carter
Tenderheart – original
Prayer of St. Francis (ala Disco) – original

What the Prayer Celebration looks like:

Imagine your entire staff and student body, assembled in the Gym or Church, singing and moving together, in exuberant praise to God!

Prayer Celebrations for the whole school, are best described as: Praise with Upbeat Music and Movement, but also moments for reflection and silent prayer. Students have an opportunity to practice becoming more at-home our bodies, as we celebrate God’s loving presence in Christ, through the Holy Spirit.

Singing to the Lord vs. simply singing, is stressed, thus turning our songs into prayers and praise. We begin with music that may be familiar from Church or Christian Radio, teach musical sections and movements, then “do” the songs together, often with student leaders up front as role models.

All lyrics are projected via laptop and a 5000 lumen Panasonic projector. Pastor Rich brings a large screen and complete PA and Media systems. Some of this music can be offered in Spanish and English, since Spanish fluency will enable the next generation of Christian Educators to be more versatile and effective in Evangelization.

Each program can be crafted to reinforce a School’s identified core values: Respect, Responsibility, Commitment, Cooperation, Integrity, Courage, Service and Compassion, while sending the message that Worship is Fun!

Pastor Rich brings to your school, the best of his Public School Character-Building songs, from the Illinois Arts Council-ArtsTour,  plus great songs of faith, to stir our hearts for service, stimulate our thinking & inspire our vision of what God is calling us to do.

Prayer Celebrations Develop:

-Community, Character, Confidence, Camaraderie & Collegiality.

You can often use Title funds from the Public School District, since these values are being reinforced!

-A Playful practice of Christian Education & Spiritual-Formation, through Scripture-based Music & Movement

-Kinesthetic learning at its best, with Music, Multi-Media, Movement, Prayer!



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