Words of Witness


Below are some Words of Witness about how God is using this music to inspire a love for Prayer.

“Pastor Rich does a superior job at presenting and engaging students at all grade levels. His message, through music and participation, is so uplifting it is contagious.  Pastor Rich provides wonderful assembly material and is a great person to have as role model in front of your student body.  He is the complete package.  This is my second time to invite Pastor Rich to our school.”

Edward R. Condon, Principal at Cathedral of St. Raymond School, Joliet, Illinois

“Pastor Rich serves as a CONDUIT, bringing kids in touch with their faith and with God in a way that is uplifting. Positive comments all day from faculty, students and parents.

St. Isidore- Bloomingdale, IL   Cyndi Collins-Principal


“What a wonderful contribution you made to the Unity Rally with Catholics United for Racial Justice! I watched the video twice and felt the spirit of it again. Thank you for all you did and for your skilled way of getting people involved in the singing. It was so much fun!”

S. Lois Prebil -osf   Office of Racial Justice – Archdiocese of Chicago

“Pastor Rich’s Prayer Celebration is money well spent!”  St. Joseph- Racine  Joe Majowski

“Pastor Rich, Thank you for being with us for your fantastic prayer assembly. You guided our students to experience God’s presence in their life. Through song, prayer, pictures, and dance, students experienced their AWESOME God in a personal way. Thank you Pastor Rich, for praying with us!”

Leonard, Joan  – Principal at St. Ann School- Stoughton, WI
[email protected]

“I saw the students engaged, captivated and identifying with the role-models in Pastor Rich’s songs; people who act from the heart in the way they treat other people.  This presentation embraces the message of being faithful to Christ through our prayers, our songs, and our actions.”

Holy Rosary Cathedral School-Duluth, MN
Jesse Murray- principal


“I just wanted to thank you for providing one of the best Assemblies we’ve ever had. You make music Soooo much fun! The kids and teachers absolutely loved your interactive presentation and they continue to, through your CDs. I’m so pleased that God put you on our doorstep. I can promise you that you will be invited back.”

St. James School- Highwood, IL   Mrs. Mary Vitulli

“Pastor Rich’s performance was engaging, uplifting & energizing for ALL of our students, PK to 8th grade!”

St. Mary Nativity- Janesville  Julie Garvin-principal
[email protected]

“Thirty percent of our children are non-Catholic and they LOVED the assembly! Our Faculty loved the In-Service we had in August, and they knew that our students would also be moved to Joy, Laughter, and Prayer.  Grades 3-8 sang, danced, moved to the uplifting music of Pastor Rich Rubietta.  Projecting the prayer slides and narrative helped us focus and enabled students to realize that this IS Prayer and that enjoying Prayer is more than OK!!!”

St. Joseph, Homewood,IL   Natalie Lamoureux
[email protected]

“Pastor Rich’s program reminded us of our central mission of faith-based education and enabled us to witness our students and staff proclaiming their faith with great enthusiasm!”

Holy Family Catholic Academy- Inverness, IL
Heidi Rooney, Coordinator of Instutional Advancement

“To engage students from Kindergarten through grade 8 all at the same time takes talent, plus the guidance of the Holy Spirit—and the Spirit was among us! This assembly was truly a musical Prayer Service.”

Mrs. Patricia Weis- principal at St. Mary School- Dekalb, IL  815. 756. 7905

“Your program is very alive and in keeping with the Catholic Faith. Junior High can be a tough group to get involved, but they thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.”

Margo Shifo – principal at St. Edward School, Rockford  815. 398. 2631

“You have a very important mission.” St. John Vianney- Northlake, IL Faculty member

“The kids had a blast with Rich and the prayer celebration.  We sang, danced and shared our love for Christ.  The kids talked about it for days!”

Jamie Hahn- Principal at St. Mary- Portage
[email protected]

Our K-5 students were enlivened and enriched as they realized that they can praise God with their minds and their bodies”

St. Hilary School, Chicago  Jerry Molitor

“I wanted to tell you that for the second year in a row, I took the Presidents Day weekend for a quiet retreat up in Wisconsin. Your “Quiet Places” CD is almost my constant companion, during the drive time and during my meditation time with the Blessed Sacrament.”

St. James- Highwood, IL   Mary Kay Tschanz

“Dear Pastor Rich, your K-12 In-Service at St. Catherine’s High School was very well received. Every comment I heard was positive. ‘The morning just flew by!’  ‘We were in there for 3 hours?!'”

“It was fascinating to see even adult men, big Football and Basketball coaches, moving and praying with their whole bodies!”

Catholic Association of Racine- Anna Marie Clausen

“Pastor Rich brings a gentle and caring spirit to our school. Our students and teachers can sense his sincerity and genuine love.”

Mrs. Lauren Beckmann-St. Robert School
Shorewood, WI
[email protected]

“What a beautiful, uplifting opportunity for us to pray together with music and movement. A common response was,”That was AWESOME!” The students, and adults alike, were truly inspired and graced by our encounter with Pastor Rich.”

St. Michael- Duluth, MN  Amy Flaig

“Thank you for an uplifting experience for children, parents and Grandparents! You reminded even us adults, that JOY can be a part of our daily lives.”

St. Patrick School- Elkhorn, WI
Patti Miller- proud grandmother

“Our students loved participating in Pastor Rich’s musical prayer celebration.
It was a moment of grace to watch the children pray together in such an inspiring way.”

Michael Martinsen St. Patrick – Janesville, WI
[email protected]

“You are doing wonderful things to spread the Kingdom of God! It is always uplifting to work with you because of your positive attitude, even during times of challenge. Thanks for your dedication to the Gospel message and to kid of all ages!”

St. Gilbert School- Grayslake, IL   Mrs. Cathy Green

“What a gift!  My hope is that all children could experience this form of prayer…”

Mrs. Jean Spohn    St. Mary School- Rockford Diocese
Dixon, Illinois   (815) 284- 6986

“The musical journey that our students & staff took, was a captivating beginning to Catholic Schools Week.  Rev. Rubietta had us singing, moving and totally engaged in a tribute to our faith!”

Lana Shear – St. Joseph- Bradley, Ill.  815. 933. 8013

“Be prepared to hear your students sing their hearts out!”

Maureen White – St. Irene- Joliet Diocese   Warrenville, Ill.   630. 393. 9303  x 36

“Pastor Rich engaged all of our students, Kindergarten through 8th grade, in song and worship, that was active and joyful, yet still prayerful.  What an exciting afternoon for adults and students alike and the perfect way to begin our celebration of Catholic education!”

Jerry Spatara – Divine Providence, Westchester, IL
[email protected]

Pastor Rich has brought his joyful spirit to our school for several assemblies. The children at all grade levels love it when he comes. Not only does he reinforce self-esteem strategies & values, he brings us all alive with his music, even our faculty! He is becoming an annual tradition…”

Marilyn Kurowski- St. Albert the Great School
Burbank, Illinois   708. 424. 7757

“Pastor Rubietta is an enthusiastic motivator who delivers powerful spiritual messages to people of all ages. Children remember his messages long after he is gone.”

Dr. Cora Benson, Principal at St. Patrick School, Springfield, Illinois   217. 523. 7670

“Thank you for teaching us Christian music that is so fun to move to. The ways that you express prayer are so lively and fun- I wish that all Church music could be like this!”

Kim – a 7th Grader at Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception-Springfield, Illinois

“Pastor Rich connects with his audience on so many levels.  His deep Faith and love of music is contagious.  Perhaps the greatest testimonial was when I witnessed a group of third graders singing and doing the actions to one of his song the following morning on the playground.”

Jeff Allen, Principal St. Bernard’s School, Watertown, WI.
[email protected]

“Pastor Rich’s inspirational presentation engaged our entire student body. The preschoolers as well as our 8th graders felt the presence of the Lord as they danced, sang and prayed together.”

Marcia Larson- St. Theresa School, Palatine, IL
[email protected]

Dear Fellow Educator,

I’d like to introduce you to someone who is quite special here in Illinois. He is addressed as Pastor Rich, which not only is his name, but can be taken as an adjective about the man. His ministry is through the medium of music and it is offered with a pastor’s heart and experience. His music is universal and appropriate for all children and teachers.

Rich brings positive messages through a program that is rich in inspiration, musical instrumental skill, vocal virtuosity and contemporary issues. Being an educator who holds a Doctorate in Music from Northwestern University myself, I am especially appreciative of Rich’s gifts.

He is special, as he is a consummate performer who connects immediately with his audience. Children love his music! His programs run the spectrum of human emotions.

If you would like to bring a positive energy into your school (and who wouldn’t?), then I highly recommend bringing Illinois Arts Council ArtsTour artist, Rich Rubietta in for an Assembly. It will be an experience that will leave a lasting impact upon your students and staff.”

Dr. Christopher Morris
Assistant Principal – St. Gilbert School
Grayslake, IL

One Word. One Song. One Life at a time.
Educating for Life with you,

Rich Rubietta
ArtsTour- Illinois Arts Council
(847) 363 – 5737 m / text
[email protected]

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